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As per the current Public Health Order, full vaccination against COVID-19 is a condition of employment with PHSA as of October 26, 2021.

Reporting to the Corporate Director, Business Planning & Financial Management and working directly with the agency President or Executive Director and other senior executives and the Provincial Health Services Authority (PHSA) executives, the Director, Business Planning is responsible for agency strategic business planning services and financial reporting. The Director, Business Affairs is the most senior finance representative located cy and is a member of the agencys senior management team.

Working closely with agency executive, the Director, Business Planning oversees the development of annual business plans and budgets which integrate with the agencys long term strategic plan and move the agency closer to realizing program plans within the limited resources available. The Director, Business Planning ensures that financial reporting for the agency not only fairly presents the agencys operations but also highlights the agencys ability to meet its strategic plans.

In the event of material variances from plan, the Director identifies alternative corrective actions and works with agency executive for implementation of same. The Director, Business Planning provides financial leadership for service delivery modeling, operational reviews, and business process improvement reviews. The Directors responsibilities encompass assessing and monitoring risks associated with implementation of program and service delivery changes. The Director also participates in the development and negotiation of agency contracts.

Scope and Complexity Operating at a strategic level, the Director, Business Planning participates in senior management decision-making processes providing strategic financial and business planning advice to the President and their staff. l, the Director works with senior executive staff on strategic financial and business planning issues for the PHSA. The Director highlights and reports on the fiscal performance of the agency with respect to resource utilization, expenditure patterns, statistical and critical indicator data/ information, and the meeting of budgetary targets.

Where appropriate, the Director recommends corrective action to both PHSA and agency senior management and their direct reports.

The Director, Business Planning is customer focused and interacts or levels of the health authority recognizing and balancing organization-wide and agency perspectives. The Director provides financial expertise in an environment that constantly changes and must be able to assist with decision-making in the context of limited resources.

The Director has a comprehensive multi-layered understanding of financial and business planning processes and tool, skills in staff training and leadership, and works independently in a strategic capacity. Timelines for the completion of financial and operational reports are very tight and require strong organizational skills.

Reports, analyses, advice and recommendations prepared/provided by this position are used by senior executive in the PHSA, the agency and the Ministry of Health (MOH). Judgement is required to assess resource requirements for the agency, programs and departments, the reasonableness of resource requests and in the communication of those requirements. Errors or miscommunication could result in inadequate agency funding, program or departmental funding, reducing agency or corporate credibility, incorrect payments to physicians or their employers, other suppliers and service providers, under recovery or loss of funding.

Major segments of the work performed by this position are confidential directly supporting the management committees of both the PHSA and the agency. Inappropriate release of information could compromise strategies and initiatives and seriously impact the agencys and the PHSAs abilities to deliver its mandate.

Communications The Director, Business Planning communicates with senior staff l and senior and line staff of the agency. The Director is an active member of the agencys management committee and other committees deemed necessary by the agency President or Executive Director ctor, Business Planning. Communication usually involves negotiating and facilitating consensus on issues such as financial resources, program and service delivery changes, new and enhanced programs, physician services and funding, operational reviews, implementation of services and progress on cost savings/revenue generation initiatives.

External communication involves esentatives from external agencies such as the MOH and other health authorities and usually involves negotiating and facilitating consensus on issues such as program transfers, development of inter-authority programs and services, service redesign and operational reviews.

What youll do Manages the process for the development and compilation of the agency annual and

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