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EClient Services Analyst (Onboard clients on eTrading platforms )

Job Description



SGCIB offers a variety of products (FX Spot & Derivatives, Fixed Income and Structured Products) to our clients for electronic execution and through different platforms. SGCIB works with vendors, recognized for their multi-bank systems and client footprints. SGCIB also promotes and supports our Single Dealer Platform. As part of CLD department, the E-client services team is responsible for onboarding clients to our electronic offer and making sure that the client experience is smooth and efficient. The team also acts as first point of contact for clients using our electronic execution capabilities and is responsible for troubleshooting and coordinating the quick resolution of issues that might arise during the electronic relationship with the client. This responsibility also extends to providing accurate feedback and visibility to our clients and front office partners. In addition, the E-client services team works closely with the Sales to assist them in developing our electronic client footprint in the AMER region. Our focus and commitment to our clients are key to our success.


Day to day

  • Administration: Onboard clients on eTrading platforms (Fxall, Bloomberg, 360T, EBSDirect, MarketAxess, Tradeweb etc.) - mapping, reconciliation etc. Main products covered: Fixed Income –Cash Bonds Credit, Rates, Derivatives (IRS & CDS), FX.
  • Act as control for new client onboardings – ensure all approvals are in place (Trading, Regulatory, KYC, Limits) and clients are eligible to access our e-pricing offer
  • Maintenance of existing client base and updating trading setups when necessary
  • Act as primary point of contact for e-trading queries for internal users and for external SG clients
  • Support the rollout of SG’s Single Dealer Platform - SGMarkets
  • Work closely with Front Office in improving security, efficiency and clients’ satisfaction in our internal processes
  • Troubleshoot client queries related to electronic platforms executions - trades issues, client connectivity, limits, rejections, etc.
  • Liaising with vendors on issues/queries related to their platforms
  • Internal communication and interaction on all topics with relevant stakeholders - FO Sales, FO Trading teams, Compliance, KYC, BFO MO, Risk, Technology, Middle/Back Office
  • Ensure follow the sun model – global hotline and global mailboxes
  • Assist and participate in new initiatives related to the development of the electronic offer
  • Production of KPI/MIS and capacity statistics for Line Manager
  • Writing procedures on processes, continuous improvement, initiatives etc. to be validated by line Manager. Ensure all procedures are kept up-to-date with changes in process and regulations
  • Participation in projects / changes

  • Contribution to Onboarding related projects: regulatory, process streamlining, new tools implementation
  • Proposals of process improvements
  • Profile required



  • Strong sense of urgency
  • Excellent organizational and time-management skills
  • Manage long-term tasks and projects while tracking many moving parts
  • Deliver on assignments with maximum speed and precision
  • Be flexible to switch gears in an environment of constantly changing priorities
  • Recognize when to escalate issues
  • Quickly contribute at a high level
  • Strong ethical code
  • Make decisions based on the balance between commercial concerns and risk to the firm
  • TEAM

  • Committed to the team and the team’s success
  • Willing to help teammates and stay late when necessary
  • Reliable, able to earn people’s trust
  • Take initiative and ownership of tasks
  • Engage with the team, ask questions, and document answers to be leveraged going forward

  • Quickly learn and adapt to new and changing systems, processes, procedures, rules and regulations
  • Resourceful, able to find solutions and learn independently when appropriate
  • Eager to tackle new tasks outside one’s comfort zone
  • Navigate new territory without a roadmap and be able to teach findings to others
  • Take excellent notes
  • Strong analytical, comprehension and retention skills
  • Absorb and apply complex concepts

  • Find new ways to add value both individually and as a team
  • Thrive in an environment of change and continuous improvement
  • Automate processes
  • Look for creative solutions to improve performance and productivity

  • Effectively communicate with internal and external clients, teammates and management
  • Persistently follow up to urge people to perform actions without creating conflict
  • Maintain positive relationships with many personality types
  • Remain cool under pressure, project an aura of calm in stressful situations
  • Be respectful and highly professional in all forms of communication
  • Openly share knowledge with others
  • Be clear and transparent to stakeholders on status of work and any issues
  • Preferred:

  • Client facing experience and public relations skills
  • Advanced Microsoft Excel Skills
  • Strong data manipulation and metrics gathering skills
  • Strong sense of art design when creating charts, graphs, and slides
  • Polished public speaking/presentation skills
  • Wide breadth of financial knowledge: Equities, Fixed Income, OTC, Futures, Options, etc.
  • Well-versed in recent regulatory changes, e.g. Dodd Frank, FATCA, FinCEN
  • Knowledge of legal documentation related to account opening
  • Familiarity with KYC
  • Familiarity with compliance regulations


  • 1 - 3 years in the financial industry
  • Preferred:

  • Client On-Boarding or Client Services
  • Sales or Teaching
  • Trading desk/floor


  • Bachelor’s Degree or experience in financial industry
  • Preferred:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Finance or related field
  • MBA or Law degree
  • Business insight

    At Societe Generale, we live by our 4 core values of commitment, responsibility, team spirit and innovation. We are engaged and demonstrate consideration for others. We act ethically and with courage. We focus our talent and energy on collective success. We experiment and propose new ideas. This way, we maximize our ability to serve client needs and anticipate market changes. Societe Generale is committed to strengthening bonds with colleagues, communities and the world in which we live, because relationships are at the heart of how we operate.

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