Head Cashier

Job Description


The Head cashier is known for his excellent customer service. He is committed to providing customers with an exceptional shopping experience. His role is to ensure a smooth operation at the cash register, a good service to customers fast and courteous. He ensures that employees comply with the cashier’s policies and procedures and supervises the work of their staff.Main responsibilities Make sure cashiers and packers provide outstanding customer service Supervise cashiers and packers to ensure their productivity Plan and manage work schedules and vacations for cashiers and packers Spend 90% of time near checkout counters to interact with customers and supervise employees Make sure checkout policies, processes and procedures are enforced and followed Oversee proper waiting line management at checkout and open additional counters if needed. Ensure new cashier and new packer orientation, integration and training Define objectives and clearly communicate expectations with work team Make sure checkout counters are in order and clean at all times as this reflects the image PA Supermarket want to showSettle all issues at checkout and call the manager if needed Replace cashiers if needed Required Profile Two years of experience as a cashier Good knowledge of French (Bilingualism will be an asset)Available for flexible hours (Including weekends) Sense of organization and priority management Teamwork and customer service Ability to work quickly and under pressure Note: The use of gendered terms is not intended to discriminate.

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