Assistant Butcher

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Description: POSITION SUMMARY - The Assistant Butcher is responsible for delivering products of the highest quality in terms of freshness, taste, and consistency, with strict adherence to Public Health guidelines. - Assistant Butchers are responsible for defrosting, cleaning, grinding, and cutting all protein items in accordance with standardized procedures and corporate specifications. - He/she reports directly to the Chief Butcher. - The Assistant Butcher is responsible for following all standardized procedures, safety regulations, and notifying the Chief Butcher or Butcher of any shortages or discrepancies in products or ingredients. - The Assistant Butcher is responsible for keeping their immediate work area clean at all times. Requirements: QUALIFICATIONS - Knowledge of all basic cooking techniques and skills are required, including: knife skills, basic cuts, and all cooking methods. - Knowledge of all basic equipment is required, including: grinders and slicers. - Comprehensive understanding of composition, structure, and quality factors of all proteins is required. - Must comprehend how structural factors including muscle, fibers, and connective techniques impact appropriate cooking methods, recipes and fabrication. - Must comprehend the inspection criteria, quality grading, and yield grading. - Must comprehend the aging process including green meat. - Minimum one year experience fabricating all proteins is required and must also understand storage requirements and implications. - Minimum of one year experience in a butcher shop is required. Formal culinary training from a recognized educational institution may substitute for this requirement at an equivalent rate. EDUCATION - High School Diploma or foreign equivalent is required. - Culinary School 2-4 year degree or foreign equivalent is preferred

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